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3 Steps to Debt Freedom

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Negotiate discounted settlements (if in hardship).

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Get Free Tools to Help Eliminate Your Debts

• Download 24 printable letters to creditors that may put the negotiating power back in your hands. Just print, sign and mail.

• Build valuable leverage over your creditors with hundreds of tools that will assist you in determining whether companies who are attempting to collect debts from you are doing so validly.

Save Your Stuff, Your Family, and Your Life

• Learn how to protect your assets. You may be able to save your car from repossession or fight foreclosure – and win.

• You may be able to turn the tables on your creditors. Your creditors might even have to pay you!

Stash Away Money and Get Your Life Back

• Streamline your paperwork. Reduce your legal costs. Learn how to potentially eliminate taxes on forgiven debt.

• Find out how you can put away money safely. You may be able to make large purchases again – even with bad credit.

In Our Community, You're Never Alone

• Find out how others fare in their pursuits of debt-free lives, share your experiences, and see how your creditors are responding to others trying to settle.

• Connect with others to gain support, join class-action lawsuits, organize debt strikes, and more.

"I feel like I'm drowning in debt."

Stop your creditors from hassling you. helps turn things around. You can even look for ways to get your debts dismissed without having to pay anything. doesn't cost a thing.

Debt settlement websites take your money, but is free to use. The creditors have to pay, not you.

You become part of the solution.

It's not an instant fix. You don't just sign up and you're done. But shows you how, step by step.

Debt can make everything seem overwhelming and hopeless.

But when you stop paying those debts, you get power over your creditors. That puts you back in control.

Everything you need is right on the website.

It's so convenient. You can print out the letters. You can keep all of your important paperwork together and get everything organized.

Debt settlement websites make you pay money up front.

But for people in debt, is free. You can get out of debt and stay out. It's that simple.

Getting rid of your debt doesn't happen overnight.

It takes hard work. But it can be done. shows you how to become debt-free forever. shows you how to take charge.

You'll get all the tools you need to negotiate discounted settlements. Sometimes you can settle for pennies on the dollar.

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