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Is the Debt Cleanse book really free?

Debt Cleanse sells for $19.99 on Amazon.

But, all you have to do is pay a $7.95 shipping and handling fee. It’s that simple. There’s no catch, no hidden fees, no strings attached.

This is not a small pamphlet or booklet, either. Debt Cleanse is 416-pages and includes step-by-step instructions to settle all types of debt: Mortgages, Vehicle Loans, Student Loans, Business Loans, Secured Personal Loans, Credit Cards and Unsecured Personal Loans, Medical Bills, Payday Loans, Collection Accounts, and Judgments.

In addition, there are hundreds of Action Tools: 24 Letters to Shut Down Creditors, 134 Deficiencies, 140 Document Requests, 208 Interrogatories, 156 Requests for Admissions, 252 Deposition Questions.

All this is yours for the small $7.95 shipping and handling fee.

Is guaranteed to get rid of my debts?

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee to solve your debt problems. That’s because the creditors who own your debts can choose whether to take a settlement.

Some creditors may try to insist that you pay the full amount. You can’t force them to take a lower settlement offer.

But with our tools, you can often pressure them into agreeing to the best compromise possible.

Also, even if a creditor or collector fails to validate a debt, that does not necessarily mean you’re not legally obligated to pay that debt. However, it often means that the creditor or collector will cease attempting to collect the debt.

Does work for anyone?

The founder, Jorge Newbery, used these exact same methods to settle or eliminate millions of dollars in debt.

These techniques have been proven to work time after time, for different people in many different circumstances.

What do you have to lose by using our methods on your own debts?

Will a Debt Cleanse damage my credit score?

Yes, but if you can’t pay your debts, your credit score is going to be damaged no matter what you do.

Remember that a credit score is really a debt score. It’s a measure of how much debt you can pay back. If you have not been paying your debts on time or fail to pay them at all, it will be part of your credit score.

How long does a Debt Cleanse take?

Time is always the debtor’s friend and the creditor’s enemy. In almost all situations, delaying debt resolutions will benefit debtors.

Debt Cleanse keeps money in your pocket each month you go without paying. The longer it takes, the more money you accumulate. Also, creditors will typically accept lower settlement amounts the longer you go without paying.  So, the irony is that you actually want the process to take a longer amount of time because you’ll save more money plus likely settle for less.

Thus, we estimate that most consumer debt will take one to three years to resolve. If your debts are unusually large, it can sometimes take longer. But your time and effort will be worth it.

The tools and resources you’ll find in the Debt Cleanse book and on the Debt Cleanse support website will show you every step you will need to take to negotiate the best possible settlement.

Can help wipe away business loans?

Yes. You can use Debt Cleanse to assist in resolving your business debt.

Any entity in debt crisis is welcome to use

Why choose instead of debt settlement companies?

Many debt settlement companies make you deposit money up front, before they resolve anything.

Plus, debt settlement companies often make deals that aren’t in your best interest. They frequently make settlements that cost you 30% to 40% too much.

When you join, you take control of the settlement process. Using our methods, you can create valuable leverage over your creditors. The goal is to get the best possible deals for you.

Over time, many creditors will agree to discounted settlements. If they resist, you can delay and create obstacles to their collection efforts. Eventually, they may sell your debt to a debt buyer who is willing to settle.

Either way, you come out on top.

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