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Built on the first-hand experience of our founder, the DebtCleanse system is your path to financial freedom.

Our members have access to attorneys to help resolve unaffordable debts and improve credit in order to create a financial future that is dictated by you, not your debt.

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How DebtCleanse Works

Step 1

Credit Analysis

Credit reporting can be confusing; we’ll help you access your true credit data and evaluate it for mistakes and opportunities to improve.
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Step 2

Credit Disputes

The fastest way to improve your credit is by removing negative marks. A DebtCleanse attorney will quarterback your dispute process to get the job done.
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Step 3

Dispute Escalation

DebtCleanse attorneys are trained to pursue claims for violations of consumer protection laws to help resolve debts and remove negative items, typically with no out-of-pocket expense to members.
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Step 4

Future Management

Building strong credit is an ongoing process; through our user portal, you have access to extensive tools that allow you to monitor, improve, and protect your financial future.
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Start Cleansing Your Debt

A DebtCleanse Membership provides you with the tools and support you need to resolve unaffordable debts and improve credit to start building the life you deserve.

Get a Membership for $89.95/mo

One-time startup fee of $149.90, includes first month’s fee. No Contracts.

When Will My Score Improve?

Every credit situation is unique so there’s no guaranteed timeline. After helping many people resolve their unaffordable debts and improve their credit scores, we’ve found that our clients typically stay with our program for anywhere from 4 to 6 months. With the support of our panel of consumer protection attorneys and the tools at your disposal, we’ve made the process of resolving your unaffordable debts and improving your credit as streamlined and effective as possible.

Imagine what your life can look like in 6 months when you start making changes today.