Our Homeownership Program is a nationwide initiative
to increase the homeownership rate to 75% for all
Americans. We help aspiring homeowners achieve
the dream of homeownership and affordable access
to the attorneys and resources you need to create the life
you deserve.

How do we accomplish


Attorney Assistance from our Legal Plan

With access to our plan attorneys, qualifying members get help challenging their
creditor's debt collection tactics, and even
pursuing damages when debt collectors have broken the law.

Tools and Support from our Legal Plan

Get legal help dealing with unlawful debt collectors tactics
and protect yourself financially with membership tools,
including $1M against identity theft.

Foreclosure Prevention

At a reduced rate to DebtCleanse Legal Plan Members,
our cross-country network of consumer protection attorneys help
keep families at risk of foreclosure in their homes.

Client Education

Take advantage of our online and in-person education focused on teaching financial
literacy to help you navigate the homebuying process.

Loan officer and Real Estate Representation

A national alliance of socially just real estate agents
maybe able to help you qualify to buy an affordable home.

Our Location:
1900 Market St, 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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